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You can never find an elephant when you need one......

I am settling into India quite nicely really. The best advice I was given was to try not to form ANY opinions until I had been here for at least three days. How true!

The first two things that you notice are the heat, and the traffic. I have got quite used to both now, but some comments on each.

It is currently the WINTER season in India, but you must accept that the Indian concept of winter is entirely different from a European one. Day time temperatures are in the thirties - which differentiates from the summer temperatures which are in the forties. The evenings seem to be just nicely comfortable. I don't have an air conditioned room, and I have had no problems sleeping. There is a ceiling fan which is much appreciated.

The traffic is, frankly, completely manic. India officially drives on the left hand side of the road, the same as the UK. In practice, there is a vague preference for the left hand side, but any gap in the traffic is fair game from any direction. Crossing the road is a major undertaking. The bulk of the traffic is either motor scooters, or motor bikes. The motor bikes look down on the scooters, who in turn, look down on the pedal cyclists. There are also tuk-tuks, cars, vans, lorries, and buses. Oh, and the occasional elephant.

 A (moderately new) Ashok Leyland bus. Common in Goa, and kings of the roadA typical, though fairly quiet, picture of typical traffic management of a minor junction I have seen four elephants, complete with rider/handler, since I have been here. They plod, quite happily, down the road taking absolutely no notice of the traffic mayhem going on all around them.

I had a 'photographic' day yesterday, as I tried to capture some of the scenes, and sights. But could I find an elephant???