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A mathematical oddity.........

I have one of those all singing & dancing watches, that is accurate to one nano second per millenium, and relys apon a radio signal transmitted from somewhere in Warwickshire, I believe. However, either the radio signal doesn't reach India, or the guys in Warwickshire can't cope with the five and a half hour time difference. Remember the five and a half hours, it's important. The other thing that is important is that I haven't a clue how to adjust this watch, manually.

They resurfaced the road to the hotel over the last few days - by hand. Most of the labour was performed by Indian women. Firstly they laid large stone chip, and then they filled it in with more fine ground chip. Both of these were transported in large bowls that the women carried on their heads, sometimes two at a time. It's quite incredible, the amount they can carry. Bear in mind that this work was being carried out in 33 degrees of heat. The hotel 'know-all' told me that the women were paid 80 rupees a day - marginally more than a pound.

Anyway, back to my watch, and how to deal with the five and a half hour time difference. The answer is to wear the watch upside down. For example it is nearly twenty to twelve Indian time at the moment. The English time my watch shows is ten past six. If I turn it upside down, it shows twenty to twelve. You have to be a bit careful with the hours, but it works fine - throughout the day!