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Houseboys - an update

I think I ended up the last post on this topic by saying that I would have to pay off the houseboys in order to stop their incessant visits.  Well I did end up paying them, but indirectly. What put a stop to the constant knock, knock, at my door was straightforward bad temper.

On about day five, the knock, knock, managed to wake me up from a rather deep afternoon snooze. I had had a lunchtime drink with Andy, the best known Englishman in town. Andy is rather partial to a beer, and I made a valiant attempt to keep up with him for an hour or so, and then 'retired hurt' for the previously mentioned snooze.

I was not. therefore. in the best of humours when awoken after about 20 mins. So I shouted. I pointed out that I always left the money for the fridge consumption PLUS a generous tip, and that I didn't like being woken up. The choice was theirs. We could go through the ritual, if they wanted, but it would involve the exact money. Or we could do it my way - no 'knock, knock' and there would be a generous tip. At least that is what I meant to say, but I probably said it in fewer, and shorter, words, some of which may well have started with 'f'.

Anyway, the upshot was that the message was received loud and clear. Henceforth, my room was rushed through the, previously unavailable, fast track. The whole procedure was achieved each day by about 12.30 - without the need for me to be present. Rather perversely, I became a favoured customer of the houseboys.

Many reviews of Goa discuss the exotic artistic effects that the houseboys achieve by arranging the towels on the bed(s). Normally, these were unexeptional, but interesting none the less. However, on two occasions during my stay the results were quite ingenious. There are photos below:

This one was quite clever - the tusks are made from rolled loo paper, and the eyes are water bottle tops

This one - a crocodile - actually made me jump when I walked into the room. The body is made from the bedspread.