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Crocodile Anyone?

Imagine the Norther Line, on a hot summer Friday, at around 5.15 pm. Or then again, imagine that you are a smelter in a steelworks. Or perhaps you would like to think about how hot hell will be when you eventually get there. Girl's stuff, all of it!!

The fact is that the hottest, stickiest, and most uncomfortable, place on earth is the Indian public bus from Calengute to Baga. I know, 'cos I have been on it. You can rest absolutely assured that I got a taxi back!

A very cheap, though often crowded and very hot, another Asok Leyland. Note the roof rack for suitcases and spare wheels.On a more cheerful note, I went to Old Goa (the town) yesterday and went on the crocodile boat trip. It got off to a very good start by leaving only 20 mins late. You may well have seen David Attenborough footage of dozens of crocodiles basking on mud banks. It's not quite as easy as that in Goa. If it hadn't been for the fact that the guys that were running the tour were frankly, bloody good, we wouldn't have seen a single crocodile. The boat cruised the mangrove swamps looking for them. Suddenly, one of the crew sings out 'Crocodile, crocodile' and the boat comes to a halt. All you can see, under the swamp vegetation, are a few logs of wood. Then, the crew point out that the third log in, from the left, is not a log, but a crocodile. And it is. By this time, all the Russian tourists have disobeyed instructions and moved, and jostled, to that side of the boat. It is tilting at a worrying angle, and you start to wonder if the crocodile might be pondering coming to join us.


t's not a log, it's a crocodile, honest!Anyway, it all worked out in the end. I ended up with about eighty photographs of logs, and a couple with bits of crocodile in them.

Another crodidile, difficult to spot without expert help