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Street Markets / Sellers

It is a fact of life, in India, that where there are people there are goods being traded. Obviously there are shops, some of which can be constructed within a couple of days. At a level below this, there will be semi-permanent street markets - mainly selling linens and clothing, but don't be surprised at anything that might be on offer.


A typical street market  At a level below the street market there will be simple roadside stalls. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the financial viability of some of these. On the other hand, some of the more enterprising employ very attractive young Indian women to tout the tourists. There is no impropriety involved, human nature will drive the wish to have a conversation with an attractive, smiling, young woman who wishes to barter for the goods available on her stall.


AO street fruit seller - NOT using the 'pretty girl' technique. Incidentally, I had to pay to take this picture  

One of the more interesting street stalls is the 'sugar cane juice' seller. This is a hand cart with a small, petrol driven, sugar cane crusher on board.

The sugar cane cart. Note the crushed and uncrushed cane. The engine is started up by yanking on the drive belt between it and the crusher. I did check, rather carefully, for any finger remnants residing within the mechanism, but the stall holder appeared to have mastered this rather dangerous technique. Raw sugar cane is then fed into the crusher.

Sugar cane being fed through the crusher. It is put through twice to maximise the return.

You can order the resulting (non-alcoholic) liquor by the glass, half-litre, or litre. I (over) paid 100 rupees (£1.20) for a glass but, crucially, this also allowed me to take photographs.

A glass of freshly crushed sugar cane liquor

The resulting drink is, obviously sweet, but not overpoweringly so. It is surprisingly refreshing, and th Goans claim that it has many health benefits, but then they would, wouldn't they? Goodness only knows how powerful it might be if it was allowed to ferment into an alcoholic version.