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Another Temporary.....

I have got involved in a bit of bad planning, most certainly in terms of sorting out a regular sleep pattern is concerned.

I arrived, in India at around 1.00am on Saturday 20th February. By the time, I had travelled from Chennai to Mamallapuram, and found the hotel, it was getting to the point that it was scarcely worth going to sleep. So apart from an hour or so in the afternoon, I didn't bother.

Things regularised a little bit on Sunday, and today has been what should be settling into a nice, normal routine.

The only problem with that theory, is that I have a flight to the Andaman Islands that leaves Chennai Airport at around 4.00am tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. This will mean leaving Mamallapuram at around midnight to leave enough time to negotiate a possible blockade of the Chennai ring road by a herd of bovine activists, and also to allow for the taxi running out of fuel. Not to mention trying to get onto a domestic Indian flight armed only with an e-ticket. Doesn't sound anything like a good night's sleep, does it?

The plan was to pack, and go to bed at around six o'clock this afternoon/evening. This would have worked fine, but there is a group of multi-national guru disciples staying in the hotel, and no sooner had I gone to bed than they started banging a drum, and chanting. I tried to get to sleep but they had obviously used their mystic powers to penetrate the ebbs and flows of my cranial activity. Every time I was just dropping off, they banged the drum a bit sodding harder, and I popped awake again. So I gave up and packed, and then went for a meal. It is now 10.00pm, and my taxi comes in two hours, so I shall go and have a shower. Then I shall find a plastic bucket and then go and find the head guru's room and I shall sit outside and lightly tap the base of the bucket with something trivial, like a 16oz lump hammer. I may also chant a bit.

Not too sure what the internet/mobile situation will be in the Andamans, so I may go a bit quiet for a while.

Incidentally, John and I were invited to an Indian fisherman's house today, for lunch. Very, very, interesting. I shall post further in due course.