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Holding Up - Temporary Page

Not everything can always go to plan, so this is just a quick update.

Firstly, my computer let a whole lot of viruses (viri?) in, and generally started downloading a whole lot of stuff that I certainly wouldn't have chosen. Mainly Indian porn sites, but it also said 'Hello & welcome - it's nice in here' to any other passing viruses that were around. At the last count, when I was trying to sort it out myself, there were 39 of them.

Eventually, I admitted defeat, and took the computer to a local expert who reformatted the hard disc and generally got it going again.

Then, this is not secondly, I had a problem with data transfer. I have one of those USB dongly things that means that I can write anything I want to post on my own computer, put it on the dongle, and transfer it onto here at the internet cafe. Unfortunately, my dongly thing is refusing to operate. I think it is sulking because I inadvertantly sent it off to the laundry in the pocket of a pair of trousers. This is a pity because I have written a great post regarding the difference between a 'shart' and a 'farit'. Maybe it isn't a pity, because it is extremely vulgar, and I really ought to be above that sort of thing at my age.

Secondly, (oh for goodness sake - keep up), and this really shouldn't be secondary. In fact it will have a whole page to itself in the future, I had a problem with TFI. The 'T' stands for 'TATA', and the 'I' stands for 'Indicom' and you can work out for yourself what the 'F' stands for. In short, and there will be an expanded version, they cut off my internet service. Sorry, took my money, quite a lot of it, and let me use the internet for a few days, and then blocked the service. I can feel my temperature rising, so I will go no further for now. I will at a later date.

In the meantime, I have some advice for the computer generation that are thinking of visiting India:


And if anyone from Tata should happen to spot that remark, and take exception, tough, it will get worse, I promise. Sue me if you like, but play the 45 minute tape of my phone call to your 'service centre' first, and just make sure that you have a leg to stand on