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Halloween 2009

MBG was booked to host the Halloween party/kareoke/disco at the Crown Inn, Belton

MBG - dressed as a 'Wicked Witch'. Marginally less frightening than in real life!

We arrived about 7.00 pm to set up the gear, and the event got underway soon afterwards. There was a transition period between the children's afternoon party and the 'full-on' evening event for the adults. By 9.00pm the party was rocking. The standard of costumes was exceptional. I couldn't hope to show them all, but here is a (random) selection:








 MBG and the 'Fancy' Dress winner

I think we finally got away sometime between 3 and 4 in the morning. A great night, and I managed to be awake, and still standing. Perhaps I am not as old as I certainly felt the next morning! 



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